Camping food

Well this is pretty self explanatory. What do we eat while we are living in the camper? Well, we probably don’t eat very different from most, but we feel we have so many delicious meals and tips and tricks we can share, so a two part blog should cover some of the basics!

Camping is one of my favorite things to do and a significant portion of why, is because we eat so dang good!

Forewarning. You will not find any exact recipes or measurements or any of that jazz here. I am not a food blogger, so this is quite unorthodox! Just some simple ideas of what you can make on a campfire. Take them and run with them people!

So I will get started with a few of the basics:

We do have a propane Portable BBQ that we use on the regular. We use it for bacon and eggs, burgers, just about everything. I know a lot of people drag along tons of cooking appliances while camping. We do not. We have a microwave in the camper, but we almost never use it. Even when we have power sites (I currently store bread in it). In the past few years we ( Or Troy if you really want to get technical here) have taken a shine to cooking on the campfire.

This can be tricky and heat can be hard to figure out. It can take longer to cook your food, but with a little patience and lots of trial and error you can get some pretty stellar results.


Our tried and true breakfast on the campfire is hashbrown and egg cups.

  1. Shred your potatoes or buy these handy dandy Shredded hashbrown carton from Amazon or Costco and save yourself a ton of prep work.
  2. Spray a muffin tin with Pam. Add shredded hashbrowns to the muffin tin. Press out with your fingers to create a bowl.
  3. Create an oven with your campfire with some tinfoil over the top (and sides if necessary)
  4. Bake hashbrowns until golden brown around the edges
  5. Add some chopped bacon, or veggies here if you’d like
  6. Crack egg into middle of hashbrown bowl and return to oven.
  7. cook until eggs are done.

Viola! hashbrown/egg nests.


Bush Pies!

If you don’t have Coghlan’s Cast Iron Camp Cooker makers I would suggest heading over to Amazon and Priming yourself up a few, or you can shop at your local stores! (We suggest local stores!) We love these things. The possibilities are endless, and for a quick lunch you can not go wrong. Two slices of bread and whatever your heart fancies for fillers. Some of our favorites are:

  • Ham and cheese
  • pizza (pepperoni, cheese, pizza sauce, pineapple etc)
  • peanut butter / jam
  • fresh fruit
  • nutella and strawberries
  • eggs and bacon with veggies
  • peanut butter and banana



Chicken wings and Ribs

Pretty simplistic.


  1. Get a big pot of water boiling on the fire. Throw your prepped ribs into it with some garlic, salt, and pepper for about half an hour to get them nice and tender.
  2. Put them on a grate over the fire, bone side down for what ever time you want! (It will depend on the heat)
  3. Then flip and crisp up that delicious meat side, add your favorite BBQ sauce!
  4. Eat like barbarian at chow time


  1. Heat up a Skillet over the fire.
  2. Toss some wings in salt and pepper (or whichever flavors you choose)
  3. Add wings to skillet
  4. Flip often until done.

We usually serve this with some corn on the cob wrapped up in some tin foil and a salad.

Fish Tacos


Make these with your catch of the day. There are two ways to do these really. Either batter and fry your fish, or cook and shred it. You can also shred the battered fish! We like to batter it up and deep fry.

  1. Fillet your fish
  2. Add some cooking oil to a Cast Iron Skillet and get it heating on the fire.
  3. Batter fish with your favorite batter
  4. Once pan and oil are hot add the fish to it and let it brown up nicely.
  5. Meanwhile, mix up some coleslaw and chop up some avocados
  6. Once the fish is done, add coleslaw, avocados and fish to a tortilla fold in half and enjoy!

**Sorry, there is no ‘after’ photo, because, well.. we were hungry and ate them too quick!**

Campfire Poutine (Yes that’s right my Canadian friends, Poutine!)


For this one you need to create your campfire oven again with some tinfoil. This one can be tricky because fries burn quickly!

  1. Spray a sheet pan of some sort with some Pam.
  2. add french fries and pop into your homemade oven.
  3. let cook, rotating the pan often (be sure to try and disburse your heat evenly through the entire pit)
  4. Meanwhile, cook up some gravy and shred some cheese. ***Sidenote, really you can create any type of poutine you’d like. Add cheese, meat, veggies, dressing whatever. Just get it ready here.
  5. Once your fries are crispy add your topping and melt the cheese and you have campfire poutine.

**Again, no after photo… because.. poutine…**

Taco in a bag

This one may require some preparation. We never do. Just chop everything and cook our ground beef that day. However, you can precook and season your ground beef and freeze, and have veggies cut and ready to go.

  1. Get your skillet preheating on the fire.
  2. add your ground beef (and veggies if you are going to want any of them cooked)
  3. brown ground beef and add taco seasoning
  4. shred some cheese
  5. add all your favorite taco fixings to individual sized Doritos bag.

Campfire Oven Pizza:

I saved the best for last. Campfire pizza is Troy’s specialty. Think Firecrust Pizza. If you’ve never had Firecrust Pizza, think pizza made in a wood burning oven. This is what he creates on the campfire.

First you have to make a pizza oven. Cover the top and sides with tinfoil. Make sure you have lots of coals already established, and only add in minimal small logs as needed while cooking.

  1. Roll out dough on your pizza pan. We use refrigerated dough, so all we do is pop it open and shape it to the pan.
  2. pizza sauce. Use as much or as little as you’d like
  3. Parmesan cheese.
  4. Add whatever toppings you like. The kids split one pizza three ways between them, troy and I get our own.
  5. Cheese
  6. ……. more cheese
  7. put pizza into oven and close up the top
  8. let cook, spinning often and managing heat regularly.

Results: flippin fantastic!!


Well, I’m sure you are getting hungry so we will end it here! Be on the watch out for Part 2. We have many more meals, and we will be getting into foil pack meals, and some better ways to eat hot dogs. So, until next time…

What are your favorite camping meals?

Do you cook on the fire, BBQ, or both?

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